Revision Surgery

Revision (“Fix-it”) Surgery

Dr. Dougherty specializes in treating complications from previous vision correction surgeries, including LASIK, PRK (photorefractive kerattectomy), RK (radial keratotomy) and ALK (automated lamellar keratoplasty). In fact, a significant share of the patients Dr. Dougherty treats come to our revision surgery Los Angeles office specifically to repair such complications.

If you are experiencing problems with a procedure that was performed elsewhere, rest assured that Insight Vision Group in Los Angeles, offers advanced treatment options that can likely help correct your vision. We see revision cases that are both referred from other surgeons and self-referred by the affected patients. In all cases, we respect patient privacy and will not share information about your case without your consent.

Revision surgery options include:

  • Therapeutic Wavefront-Guided LASIK
  • Advanced new laser vision techniques available at Insight Vision Group can identify and correct even the smallest imperfections caused by prior surgery.
  • Lens Implants
  • Poor vision following vision surgery may be caused by the formation of surgically-induced cataracts. Such cases can be treated very effectively with toric and accommodating IOLs (intra ocular lenses).
  • Options for problem RK patients
  • Dr. Dougherty has the expertise to repair complications caused by previous RK surgery, Dr. Dougherty performs a range of lens and laser-based treatments to help such patients.